What will you learn?

ECMAScript 2015 (also known as ES6) brings some great additions to JavaScript. These additions allow you, the developer, not only to create more maintanable code but code that is more easily understood, clear and concise.

Throughout this course you will become familiar with the most used ES2015 features, which you can immediately put to practice. The examples shown in the vidoes are practicle and have been used in production ready code.

The first video introduces you to ECMA International and gives you a little bit of background into how ECMA operates.

The second video discusses the usage of the 'const' and 'let' keywords, when and why you should use them.

The third video walks you through some new additions to working with Objects and arrays: Object / Array destructuring, Property value shorthand and the usage of computed property keys.

In the fourth video arrow functions (also known as the 'fat arrow syntax') are explained in depth.

The fifth video spends some time discussing the rest and spread operators along with an explanation on how to add default parameter values to functions.

The following video talks about classes and inheritance by introducing the 'class', 'extends' and 'super' keywords.

Next up we introduce template literals with some interesting, real-life use-cases. (This video has been updated to contain even more information about Template Literals)

The next video discusses Callbacks, Promises and the latest Async/Await keyword, including some great examples.

Some new videos have also been added to cover Generators, Iterators, the latest module syntax as well as Symbols.

And last but not least the final video walks you through Babel and how to transpile ES2015 code to older the version of JavaScript (ES5).


Course curriculum

  • 1
    ECMAScript 2015
    • What is ECMAScript?
    • 'const' and 'let' - new ways to declare variables
    • Using Objects and Arrays - the ES2015 way
    • Arrow functions
    • Rest, Spread operators and Default function parameters
    • Classes
    • Template Literals
    • Callbacks, Promises and Async/Await
    • Modules
    • Symbols
    • Iterators
    • Generators
    • Transpiling ES2015 to older version of JavaScript using Babel
    • ECMAScript2015 - variables
    • Objects and Arrays in ECMAScript2015
    • Arrow functions in ECMAScript2015
    • Rest, Spread and default function parameters in ECMAScript2015
    • Classes in ECMAScript2015
  • 2
    Get the code
    • get-the-code


Learning Objectives

After completing the course, you will be able to ...

  • understand ECMAScript2015 syntax

  • apply ECMAScript2015 to your projects

What's included?

  • 13 videos

  • 5 Quizzes

  • 5 hours of content


  • Tamas Piros

    Founder / Principal Instructor

    Tamas Piros

    Tamas is a full stack web developer turned technical instructor and curriculum developer. Tamas has more than a decade of experience working with large, prestigious organisations such as Verizon, Panasonic, BBC, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Accenture, OECD and ABN Amro to mention a few. Throughout his career, Tamas has delivered training classes all over the world to both technical (i.e. developers) and non-technical (i.e. product manager and c-level executives) audiences. He regularly conducts presentations and workshops at prestigious conferences and meetups all over the world. His unique style of teaching mixes presentations with a lot of hands-on exercises, real-life examples and use-cases.